NVGA-7/15 Night Vision Goggles

NVGA-7/15 Night Vision Goggles

A series of night vision goggles AT is presented by a compact but rugged bi - ocular NVGA-7 and a dual-channel night vision goggle system NVGA-15. AT goggles are perfect hands-free units that meet a wide array of specification requirements. Built-in a tough and ergonomic composite housing with the highest grade optics and with simple, reliable electronics, night vision goggles AT give bright and clear night vision images.

Both NVGA-7 and NVGA-15 are equipped with high-performance Gen 3 image tubes.
Bi-ocular NVGA-7 has proven itself in combat due to its rugged, ergonomic design. It is equipped with Manual Gain Control (MGC) that gives a user the ability to adjust the brightness of the image tube in order to achieve the image highest quality under varying light conditions. It also has a built-in IR illuminator as a light source in complete darkness. NVGA-7 can be either hand-held or head-mounted and helmet-mounted.
The dismounted goggle can also be used as an excellent long range viewer (with optional optical magnifier).

A dual-channel night vision goggle system NVGA-15 utilizes two image intensifier tubes. This dual tube design provides increased depth perception and outstanding clarity. NVGA-15 is equipped with automatic brightness control, bright light shut-off circuitry, and a spot/flood built-in IR illuminator. LED indicators displayed on the screen of the eyepiece are assigned to alert the user of a low battery or to indicate that the IR is turned on.

For hands-free use, it can be worn on the included flip-up head mount or optional universal helmet mount, both of which have a built-in mechanism that will automatically turn the unit off when it is flipped up.

Night vision goggles both NVGA-7 and NVGA-15 withstand the toughest environments and can cope with any challenging task. AT goggles are the exceptional choice for hands-free usage for the casual user right through to the most demanding professional.


  • Built-in Class 1 covert IR laser pointer
  • Redundant dual-tube design
  • True stereoscopic vision
  • Lightweight & compact rugged goggle system
  • Head or helmet mountable for hands-free operation
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Bright light cut-off
  • Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate controls
  • Built-in Infrared illuminator and flood lens
  • Weather Resistant
  • Adaptable for use with cameras


  • Night vision goggles NVGA-7 / NVGA 15
  • Tactical bag
  • One lithium battery CR123A
  • Lens tissue
  • Neck lanyard
  • Detachable X-Long range infrared illuminator
  • User’s manual


Generation III
Resolution 60-64 lp/mm
Magnification 1x standard (3x, 5x, 6x, 8x optional) 1x standard (3x optional)
Objective lens 27 mm  19 mm
Objective F number F/1.2 F/1.26
Field of view (FOV) 40° 51°
Focus range 0.25 m ÷ ∞
Exit Pupil Diameter 15 mm 14 mm
Eye relief 15 mm 25 mm
Diopter adjustment -6 ÷ +2 dpt
Manual Gain Control Yes
Automatic Brightness Control Yes
Bright Light Cut-off Yes
Automatic Shut-off System Yes
Infrared Illuminator Yes (built-in with flood lens)
IR Indicator Yes (In FOV)
Low Battery Indicator Yes (In FOV)
Power Supply CR123 Lithium 3V (1), or AA Alkaline 1.5V (1),
or any AA or CR123 type rechargeable batteries
with voltage from 1.2V to 3.2V (1)
Battery Life up to 60 hours up to 40 hours
Operating Temperature -40°C ÷ +50°C
Storage Temperature -50°C ÷ +70°C
Dimensions 165 х 120 х 61 mm 162 x 102 x 69 mm
Weight 0.49 kg 0.65 kg
Protection IP67

NVGA-7/15 - Night Vision Goggles