HF VHF UHF Data Terminals

Data Terminals for Command, Communications and Control Tactical, Strategic and Government Organizations. 


AT Communication International offers a wide range of ultra-rugged data terminals and situational awareness software solutions providing rapid integration with any HF, VHF, UHF radio network or data network. 

By offering an extensive range of software applications and modems to complement the radio systems, AT Communication International can serve the mobilization needs for military/security, first responders, naval and government organizations.

Examples of functionality from Data Terminals include: 
Messaging, Position Reporting, Mapping, Email, Voicemail, Crew Status, Data Encryption, Mission objectives and Photographs.

Data terminals from AT are rugged, provide military grade encryption options, high data rate transmission, intuitive user interfaces and are designed for rapid deployment with minimal training for first responders, security forces, government agencies and military and paramilitary users.

AT Communication International is available to provide a comprehensive integrated solution based on your mission requirements. Solutions can include a combination of Data Terminals, Radios, Intercoms, Encryption, Situational Awareness Software and Radio Interconnects to provide a coordinated approach to Communications, Command and Control. 

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